1. This ticket is  valid for time of travel only.
  2. This  ticket  cannot be altered resold transferred or refunded.
  3. If for any reason ,the holder fails to report before  the departure time ,the company  accepts no responsibility for such passenger.
  4. The ticket is treated as used if the holder fails to utilize it as indicated there on.
  5. The ticket holder  must report at the booking office 30 minutes before the specified  time on the ticket.
  6. Drinking any  kind of  alcohol, chewing  miraa  or smoking in the  coach is not allowed
  7. Luggage  is carried at owners’ risk. The company cannot be held responsible for damage losses or delay.
  8. The  management reserves  the right to change the  coach without prior notice or refund
  9. If any case a passenger breaks  his journey en-route  no refund can be  made.
  10. Passengers are  requested to ensure correctness at the booking office as mistakes cannot be rectified later.
  11. Stricly no  luggage  should be passed  through the  window.
  12. The  passenger should ensure  that the amount paid is  clearly indicated  on the  ticket as per one’s  destination.
  13. Time and date  of booking should appear  clearly on the ticket.
  14. Accompanied   luggage  is charged if  space permits.